Project Name: Mathematips Wall Decal

Print Type: Wall Mural / Digital Print Wall Graphic

Client: School / Educational

Purpose: Making Maths Count

Outcome: Primary school children absorbing important mathematics concepts visually in their environment. Fun reminders and quick reference points making maths fun for everyone.

maths wall mural school

Bonnie & Bold recently had the pleasure of printing a wall graphic for a primary school.

This educational wall graphic was installed in a school as a fun and graphical way to help children with their mathematics.

It’s called ‘Mathematips’. Full of little tips for the pupils to help them with their maths. It’s so nice to see it in situ and to see the pupils taking it all in.

With Maths teaching now a national priority in Scotland’s schools Bonnie & Bold are delighted to be able to offer schools a custom wall mural printing service tailored to their particular needs.

Rebecca Lochhead of Bonnie & Bold said,

I’m really excited that Bonnie & Bold can be part of the Making Maths Count initiative in this fantastic school. It’s so important that children can be turned on to maths during the early years. Wall graphics are just one way to engage children and make them curious about the patterns, shapes and concepts of maths which are very visual.


If you are interested in ordering a wall graphic display for your school please get in touch with Rebecca our lead print designer for Scottish schools.